Friday, February 16, 2007

Out and about in Bowthorpe

This morning, before I went off to a Group Meeting, we went off to Bowthorpe to knock on a few doors and ask what we can do to help. I have a little bit of pseduo-celebrity status around there and when the unsuspecting Clover Hill resident opens the door they always look amazed to see me. "You exist," declared one very happy looking housewife as I graced her doorstep. Indeed I do.

Two hours worth of doorknocking and virtually no issues to raise at all. There were the normal gripes, including fly tipping and litter. Again, no mention of the incinerator, Unitary Status or the Council's new twin bin system which continues to puzzle me as the Evening News treats them as the most important issues in the City. I wonder if all three don't fall into a box marked "activists care but nobody else does". I don't want to think that, but you can't argue with the evidence.

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