Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cameron and Hain - they both know what to do!

There is much discussion over at about Cameron's rather slick PR machine and their current work. The past week has bene a quiet one, politically speaking, and only 2 men know how to exploit that.

David Cameron doesn't use one of those famous political grids. He reacts to breaking news extremely well, but he also knows how to exploit quiet news periods. How has Cameron managed to lead on the BBC Politics site two days running ... and how has the government let him do this? Are they so devoid of ideas that they cannot wheel something out to knock the Tory Leader off the lead item? You've got to hand it to Cameron, he knows what to do.

Similarly the other man who knows what to do is Labour's Deputy Leadership hopeful Peter Hain. I know that Hain has come under pressure because of his seemingly endless bandwagon jumping, but he has siezed the initiative and made a couple of fine centre-left announcements that have been well covered because of the quiet news agenda. Like him or loath him, Hain knows what to do too!

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