Friday, February 23, 2007

Norwich South AGM

Tonight's Norwich South Conservative AGM was one of the best - and best attended - in many years. Although no shocks in terms of voters (or even any difficult questions) it was nice to start from the point of financial health and electoral success.

I was elected Chairman of the Association and I take it over at a real high point - we have more and more people joining each day, a better events programme and a real chance of gaining more and more seats next May.

In terms of the team I made very few changes given the wide-ranging reshuffle we had only last December. John Wyatt, Deputy Chairman Membership, becomes the Senior Deputy Chairman - meaning he will stand in for me if absent. Niall Baxter continues as Deputy Chairman Political and Eve Collishaw's job shifts slightly to Deputy Chairman Fundraising.

Despite recent ill-health I am thrilled that County Cllr Judith Virgo remains as President - and her team of Vice-Presidents is much stronger this year including Eaton's Vic Hopes and new-comer Doris Le Grice.

Carrie Chandler continues as Norwich South CF Chairman and Richard Davies as UEA CF Chair. Both will serve on the Executive, along with newly promoted Malcolm Chamberlain, Paul Wells and Eileen Wyatt.

Thanks to all for their support and I look forward to a great year!

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