Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tories try to encourage defections ... tell us something we don't know!

There shouldn't be anybody who is in the least bit surprised that Team Cameron are actively trying to get moderate figures in other parties to defect, in fact I'd be annoyed if some people somewhere weren't spending every minute of every day planning some high profile swtiches. Admittedly Peter Mandelson is slighly beyond the pale for me, but everyone else seems like they could legitamtely live in Cameorn's big tent.

However, two problems with making this explicit have become apparent. Firstly is how to cope when people like David Laws and Norman Lamb (pictured) say they won't defect due to not being Tories. And secondly how we ask the people of their constituencies to vote Conservatives after heaping praise on them so much! Cameron has basically said these men are so good that we want them in our Shadow Cabinet ... but please now vote for this other chap! Another example of good local activists being shot in the foot by the generals pistol.

Let's focus on winning over defectors ... but let's do it in private please!

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Anonymous said...

It's just comically inept to blunder into somebody like Lamb's office and ask them to defect. He has a 10,000 majority, a formidable network, a successful career, and liberal instincts. Cameron is more likely to defect than he is!

It doesn't make life any easier for Trevor Ivory, and generally makes people wonder what planet Camp Cameron is on.