Monday, February 19, 2007

It's the Guardian wot won it...

I just find it amazing that the Guardian has this in their piece reporting that ICM poll. Amazing.

Falling Lib Dem support is part of the reason that the Conservatives have climbed in both sets of results. The fact that the party's support drops further when Sir Menzies' name is mentioned suggests that, as with Mr Brown, he is not attracting support to his party.

But there is no evidence that the UK Independence party is eroding Conservative support from the right. The newly-rebranded Independence party scores 1%, against 2% for the Green party and 4% for the combined SNP and Plaid Cymru vote in Scotland and Wales.

p.s. Regular readers will know of my hatred for Prof. Anthony King's bias poll reporting in the Telegraph where, no matter how good for poll is for Cameron or the Tories, he can always make it out to be a crushing disaster. I wonder how he'd spin this one?


Anonymous said...

Where is the council report???

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is a need to disencourage wadge thick paper report like the IW and Tree Survey, and present it on powerpoint on big screen in council, or on a newly decorated wall, and if Councillors wish to bring pdf versions on their laptops, that their choice.