Thursday, February 15, 2007

Worst leaflet ever produced in Norwich (and perhaps the nation)

If only I could scan it in, I would be a very happy man!

On returning home I found a copy of the Labour Rose for Town Close Ward. Now, I used to be a real leaflet snob. I hated the Tory ones of the 90s, printed as they were in tight size 12 font but our more recent efforts I believe have been the best in the City. I loathed (and often still do) the Green ones, because the quantity of information presented is too much for an A4 sheet. However, thanks to photographs and lots (and lots) of adverts that seems to be less of a problem. I have, on the other hand, always admired the LibDem Focus sheet. It was pioneering in politics but I now wonder if a lot of the gimmicks (e.g. 2 horse race, bar charts etc) have had their day. I remember one old Lakenham Focus that looked as if it were done on a typewriter, but generally the standard and print is good. Labour have always struggled. They recently reluanched Labour Rose as an A4 booklet style including arty shots of various candidates and councillors. Some good, some bad and some very, very ugly.

Yesterday's was the worst (and I mean, the worst) I have ever seen. Tight text, no photos, the stories ran on between the pages and all of the stories were utterly boring. Devoid of content and shockingly bad to look at. I'd be surprised if anybody, let along large numbers, of people read this. A whole page deciated to a county council spokesman than not even I have heard of? That's gotta be desperate!

Come on Labour, we know you aren't serious about Town Close, but at least look at and learn from successful branches like University or Lakenham and see how they do it.

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Anonymous said...

please scan it in! it would be amusing to see!