Monday, January 09, 2006

Little's choice: It's Hemming for Leader (as long as Opik doesn't stand)

The Tories could teach the LibDems a few things about how to run a leadership campaign. With the Tories, more or less every MP declares themselves a candidate before dropping out when they realise then either any of their colleagues or even their own spouse supports them. Who remembers the idea that Alan Duncan, David Willetts or Sir Malcolm Rifkind should run??? With the LibDems you have a lot of very honest “I’ll stand if he/she doesn’t” or “If nobody else does then I will”. Ming does sound like the only one who wants it at the moment – except of course Birmingham’s LibDem MP John Hemming, who is now touting for support. For what it’s worth from a would-be Tory candidate I fully support Hemmings campaign to be the LibDem Leader. You can sign up on this unofficial blog!


Anonymous said...

Possibly the funniest thing Ive seen since Lembit held back the tears in various news interviews. I hope he wins. For everyones sake.

Anonymous said...

In a straw poll my five year old daughter backed Ming.This provides an exclusive insight into the average mentality of a Lib Dem member.

She also backed Colin Jackson in strictly come dancing - he lost.

Antony said...

Indeed. I backed Will Young, Ken Clarke, Darren Gough, Shayne, Ken Clarke (again), Steve, Cameron (Big Brother, not the Tories), Anthony and John Hemming.

Not a bad hit rate really.