Sunday, January 01, 2006

In the interests of political balance – and so that every entry isn’t about another wonderful Cameron strategy or the crushing failure of Charles Kennedy’s so-called leadership – I have been trying to search out a government initiative or action to report on. I searched for much time and, apart from Blair’s holiday trip and Hain’s intellectual deficit on the NI Peace Process, there is nothing happening. So, once again, Cameron wisely fills the political vacuum.

For those of you still unsure about the tactical supremacy currently sweeping CCHQ, look at today’s issues. Tory Leader blasts Brown in a nasty personal attack – and then quotes Ghandi in his New Year message and declares himself for consensus. Tory Leader calls on Blair to get on with it and quit – and then makes six new policy statements, including poverty, climate change and the environment (the other 3 are the NHS, police reform and the economy for those who care). So whilst the Conservatives bite with one hand they reach out in a New Year gesture of peace with the other. Brilliant – modernisers happy, traditionalists happy.

Now take a look at the press today. Obviously I read all the Tory press, but it is worth noting. David Cameron has written a two-page spread for the Mail on Sunday declaring that he is moving on from Thatcherism. He has done an interview with the Sunday Times about new shifts in policy. He has a leader and front page story in the Sunday Torygraph about his leadership. Plus CCHQ have taken out a full page advert in the Sunday Torygraph today also. Our Dave clearly believes people have a lot of intelligence – the ad was meant to be a recruitment drive but only included a web address for people to sign up. No telephone number or coupon? That’s how much we trust people!

Whatever the rights and wrongs (and I personally I believe it is right) Cameron is making the political agenda. The fact that we have annoyed people like Peter Hichens is great news. Useless Tories? Just check the next opinion poll…
p.s. Have found some government news – apparently Prescott, a helicopter and a long lens camera. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

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