Sunday, January 08, 2006

Blog off!

On much more of an important note I am most fed up with posts to this blog coming from various Americans promoting their own blogs! You know the sort, they read something like:

”Hi, I was searching for a blog about the length of a sheep’s bladder, when I stumbled across your blog. It’s so well written – and so funny! I have my own blog, it’s about the history of fire stations in nineteenth century Walsall.”

Does anybody have any idea how to stop this as the five seconds it takes me to delete each one is five seconds I could be dedicated to removing this discredited New Labour government, crushing the LibDems and promoting the wonderfulness of Dave Cameron and his glorious team of super-Tories.


Anonymous said...

how bout buy ur own domain n manage it urself :D
it costs, but if ur tht bothered about it all, go for it. u can put sum other stuff on it too!

Antony said...

Ah, yes, but that would require more technical knowledge than I have. Unless it's writing Tory leaflets, designing illiterate worksheets or filling in endless LEA paperwork then I'm afraid it can't be done. Thank god for!