Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kennedy quits as LibDem Leader

So farewell then, Charles Kennedy.

I am probably not the best person in the world to judge this because I have never liked Kennedy and feel that the manner in which he conducted his own bodged resignation says a lot. I have never understood why people called him funny or personable. In fact, on occasions, I found no hint of personality at all. You have to credit him his success – 62 seats in 2005 was pretty good, although not what all LibDems thought they would get. I wondered if, when Simon Hughes broke ranks and said he was disappointed by the 05 poll campaign result, that was the start of the end.

The Mail on Sunday goes for Sir Ming quite viciously today and various candidates, including the wonderfully ludicrous John Hemming, gear up their leadership campaign. The (one) good thing about the LibDem campaign is that when you vote-swap, any candidate can stand without the risk of taking supporters from other candidates. For example, people said that Sir Malcolm Rifkind would harm Ken Clarke’s (ill-fated) chances. If Oaten stood he wouldn’t harm another candidate because his supporters have a #2 vote.

Other political news is quite sad. Tony Banks, former Labour MP and a parliamentary hero of mine, is nearing death. Also Rachel Squire, Labour MP for Dunfirmline and West Fife has died. And would you believe it, according to the BBC the LibDems have started telephone canvassing already!

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