Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sad News

It is my sad duty to report that my favourite LibDem MP, Birmingham City Councillor and one-time media "love rat" John Hemming has pulled out of the race to be LibDem Leader. It was almost worth the £6 joining fee to vote for him.

Politics Exam

The poor soulds who make up my politics class suffered their exam last Wednesday (my birthday, as it happens). They came out full of cheer but I thought the exam was either too narrow or too broad. For example, they were asked in what ways Blairism has its roots in Thatcherism (err, can that fit in one essay?!?) and also to assess the disadvantages of the Additional Member System.


Anonymous said...

mark oaten pulled out too! lets hope they all pull out and the dead bird crew crumbles, mwah hahaha. wishful thinking... :D

Anonymous said...

thank you for blogging again now i can read something when i go on the net!
do u have any suggestions for me!

Anonymous said...

Having just sat my first year uni exams - Politics and Government in Modern Britain - and having chosen, post-war consensus, Thatcherism, and New Labour as my topics of choice, i can safely say that i hope my lecturer is a tory. I blame you little! Has been a rather interesting week in politics to say the least...would write about it...but it is too late and I am going to bed to devise a plan on how to thoroughly beat Mike Cox and drag Manor Ward away from the LibDems (shouldnt be too thinking sleaze campaign..could back-fire though...your thoughts would be welcomed!)!

Antony said...

I would avoid the use of such negative tactics. Positives always work better and we currently have the biggest "pull" factor in politics - Mr Cameron. Nobody on the door step with care about the individual fate of Mr Kennedy or Mr Oaten but they will have an idea about who and what the LibDems are. Stick to policies.

As for Tory teachers, not everybody was as lucky as you to have been taught by me! Talking of which what happneed to Marie, James, Kieran et al?

And don't forget Manor Ward is one third Tory in the shape of Cllr Mills. We held onto Cavendish - what price both Cllrs Cox and Carey being out next time?

Anonymous said...

This is true. Perhaps 'sleaze campaign' was completely the wrong wording. More a contrast, between the positive and united conservatives and the negative, split-ridden LibDems. Making the most of their bad situation...using a LibDem tactic if you will. So yes, i take back that incase of libel ha was very late when i typed that last post and perhaps ive been watching to much season six west wing. I really think the Cameron factor will attribute to an increase in the tory vote, its just a matter of increasing that one third that cllr Mills currently holds. Actively relating Cameron's big idea policies to local issue policies could be a big winner. Name dropping Dave at every chance. It's just a matter of getting out there.

You never were one to blow your own trumpet were you? ha. Marie is still in sixth form I believe with Brady, last I saw of James was at the leavers ball and the last I heard of Kieran was that he was in a band.