Monday, January 09, 2006

Blair's coconuts

A coconut to any reader who can tell me why a picture of a half-naked Prime Minister Blair graced the walls of the school today! A fine figure of a man, it must be said, but ... why?


Anonymous said...

Pffff, if you've got it- flaunt it! "You go girl" etc etc. Plus what was all this in Politics today about the majority of gay voters backing Labour pre-2005? Trying to win back the pink-vote methinks.

Anonymous said...

i think its beacuse of something to do with the yobs!i am not sure
can u check your school email please!

Antony said...

Firstly indeed if you check your Gay Times (which needless to say I do regularly) then it is true that a vast majority of the LGBT vote went Labour in 97 and 01 - the LibDems in particular made huge advances on them in 05 although I think Labour still came out on top.

As for the yobs, all I say is: respect.