Monday, January 09, 2006

Organising Labour's first Shadow Cabinet

News reaches my shell like of a probably government re-shuffle tomorrow. Charlie Clarke’s number two – the wonderful Hazel Blears - is likely to become the Cabinet Office Minister, filling a vacancy left open since December. Personally I believe if a government job isn’t done for 4 weeks and nobody notices it should be abolished. Hmmm, like Deputy Prime Minister then? The recent embarrassment over the Hewitt school’s employment of a rather shady character has led to question marks over Ms Kelly’s future too. I have the personal interest of living a few doors away from the Hewitt School, but feel that Blair likes him cabinet wimmin so much she’ll hold on. Despite being useless. The greatest untapped source of female talent within the Labour Party, since the departure of Peterborough’s Helen Clark, is that of Caroline Flint. Ding dong, a minister in knee-high leather boots? Roar! Seriously though, a talent for David Miliband’s first shadow cabinet me thinks.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to mention it but didn't Helen Clark join the Conservatives in May?

Antony said...

Don't be sorry - she is just one of a number of those who saw the light! However I'd bet my hat that she won't be the Tory candidate in Petereborough any time soon.

Anonymous said...

is it tht chavvy hat i saw u had in skool the other day? lol