Tuesday, April 27, 2004

A well spent evening tonight I would say - spent a few hours in the office writing letters to all the people and organisations that have allowed me to visit and speak to them in the last fortnight. It's only when you come to pen the letters that you realise how many it is! Then we hit the phones to canvass around Three Score about the lack of facilities - a real good response and some useful feedback. Also got time to speak to a few residents in Cloverhill about the shopping trolley issue that is hitting the area. Rounded off a useful political evening with some extensive ironing and marking year 8's newspapers about the Plague. Nice and gory!

My week ahead includes going to a dinner with Prof. John Charmley, Dean of the School of History at UEA, tomorrow. He will be giving a speech about the new rise of the Conservative Party. Thursday I am meeting Malcolm Moss MP to discuss bringing the arts alive and we'll be announcing new local Conservative policies on tourism and culture. Saturday I am helping the Fairtrade stall at the King Street Festival and meeting some of the organisers and stall holders to discuss various issues. All good fun!

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