Thursday, April 29, 2004

Looks like the Euro campaign has started in earnest:

The election battle for June’s European Parliamentary elections began (today/this week) with the publication by Conservatives of their election manifesto. Antony Little, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Norwich, welcomed the manifesto pledges of cutting red-tape on businesses in Norwich, restoring national control of Britain’s fisheries, and guaranteeing local voters a say via a referendum on any future laws which would transfer power away from Britain.

Antony explained to a group of local residents:
“The election gun has been fired in the race for the European elections in June. I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to have their say on the way they are governed rather than letting apathy rule.

“Conservatives want a new deal to create a flexible, competitive Europe. I am particularly concerned about the unnecessary and excessive Brussels red tape that is hindering enterprise and job creation in Norwich. This is why I welcome Conservatives’ proposals that all future European regulations should have time-limiting ‘sunset clauses’, making European officials work out how much regulations will cost business before introducing them, and allowing MEPs to repeal laws rather than just create them.

“By contrast, Labour want to sign up to a European Constitution and scrap the Pound. Liberal Democrats would go even further – abolishing Britain’s veto on tax harmonisation, despite the huge damage this could do to our competitiveness, and creating new taxes levied directly by Europe on people across Norwich. ”

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