Thursday, April 22, 2004

Perhaps its just me but these last four days teaching may well qualify as the hardest ones in my career yet. Don’t ask me why – the silly season has started (water fights etc) but nothing out of the ordinary. Got to teach my favourite year 9s today – normally my student teacher has them – which was good fun. We answered the “what-if” style question – which year should Britain have gone to war with Germany in. Most of them argued for 1936! Year 8 have started the Romans so lots of pretty maps of Europe being conquered was the order of the day – plus, oddly, a rendition of “under the sea” from the Little Mermaid. As for year 7, well, the Peasants Revolt – plus, oddly, a rendition of the chicken dance. Cannot believe year 12 leave in two weeks. Aaaarrrgghh! Will have the course sorted by next week and I am pushing revision, revision, revision, but am not sure who’s listening.

This week in Norwich politics has been slow, because we’ve all shut off due to heady glory of returning to the Premiership! Hurrah! Busy night on Wednesday watching teletext! Canvassing continues and we launched a direct mail survey to the good people of Cloverhill asking their views on the oft-discussed issue of the bus lane. Tomorrow I am stepping up the Three Score Services debate and meeting other members of the City Conservative Group to discuss the North Earlham and West Earlham Projects.

As for the national picture, it is great to see the Express back on board having seen through this shameless Labour government. Watch how Mr Blair will try to get out of his referendum dilemma – if Britain votes NO, will Blair accept the result (as Michael Howard) will or will he keep going until he gets a YES? Either way we need an answer now!

p.s. Has anybody noticed in the last week how completely irrelevant the Lib Dems are? So have I.

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