Friday, April 02, 2004

Have just done an interview on education for Archant - the company which owns the EDP and Evening News. Spoke to the Deputy Editor who is a former education correspondent about why "New" Labour was such a let down. Education now seems well down the agenda of many in the government. We spoke at length about why Charlie Clarke is simply not liked by the profession because he won't listen to the profession. A colleague told me today that Clarke would not attend the NUT conference (biggest teaching union) because he had something better to do, but didn't quite know what that was yet. I made the point about giving freedom to professionals to do their jobs, opening up the straightjacket of education to allow schools to focus in different areas and getting money to the frontline quicker. If OFSTED found me giving one piece of work to all my student, they'd go mad - not all pupils learn the same way. So why should all schools teach the same way?

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