Friday, April 16, 2004

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while but Easter was a bit hectic, so too getting ready for school next week. Other than over-indulging on chocolate and various other legal substances (in fact, you should see my stash – eggs still all over the house. I deeply believe you don’t put on as much weight by eating them slower.)

The campaign got back into the swing of things this week, with the Lib Dems launching their first (and most obvious) attack on me, claiming that I am used to coming third in elections. Only problem is that the new Lib Dem agent came third in Ipswich last time and Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne has come third in Norwich twice before! At least I go for election where I live – where I know the people and problems and stand up for my area and my neighbours.

Today I launched a new survey of homes in Cloverhill to ask about their views on opening up the bus lane. I hope to take the answers to the council within the next two weeks. The arguments are quite complex to follow so it will be very interesting to follow the views of people according to where they live. People near the bus lane want it open for easy access to the Earlham Road. Those slightly further our fear rat runners’ll blight them. Those on the Earlham Green Lane side are split on the issue of traffic calming. We’ll see, it’ll be most interesting to get the results!

Today is so sunny and bright, I feel a night of pure pleasure ahead, so where was that chocolate…

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