Sunday, April 25, 2004

It's been a busy old weekend (but then aren't they all?). Saturday morning I went to the Bradecroft homes in Cloverhill to meet residents and talk about the many issues concerning them - I'm afraid that too many people like to categorize senior citizens. Subjects covered included education, wonky paving stones, Iraq and the need for a Norwich concert hall. The afternoon was spent in the lofty heights of Thorpe Hamlet, survey canvassing about the situation with parking. Now that Norwich are in the Premiership it can only get worse, say local people. Great reception on the doorsteps!

Sunday morning I visited a different church - the Norwich Reform Church - which meets on South Park Avenue. Then onto a wonderful Sunday lunch at the home of Mr & Mrs Quinton of Le Strange Close. It was good to meet and talk to such a dedicated group of Christian and community minded people. This afternoon? Well, a DVD copy of "The Longest Day" has kept me occupied.

p.s. Received a Labour leaflet today - the first since last August - taking credit for getting play equipment upgraded which had nothing to do with them. Apart from anything else the leaflet looked awful, but the cheek to say that Section 106 money was spent on the insistence of Labour councillors is scrapping the barrel for news.

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