Tuesday, April 27, 2004

An apology: I am afriad that in recent weeks (nay, months) I have neglected to pay tribute to some of the finest minds put on God's green earth. It seems that, on this very site, I have praised the work and courage of nearly every other class I teach, I have missed the sanguine hard work and dedication that is my year 10 history class. I am truly blessed in having such a class full of teenagers so passionate about the study of chloroform and various devious medical disorders. Their essays entertain, their source analysis questions wonder and their gossip (to be fair) amazes. Where would I be without (in seating plan order): Beth, Rosa, James, Calam, Fran J, Amelia, Abi, Katy, Danielle, Sophie, Fran H, Jo, Jonathan (Stoggers!), Naomi & Charlotte. I owe them all a huge debt of thanks for their positive attitude and work (so I am told). And now, kiddies, you're famous.

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