Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lembit's political career hangs in the balance

The decision of Lembit Opik, the rogue LibDem MP, to quit the frontbench to persue a bid for the Party Presidency is a very brave decision, because in doing so he has raised the stakes. If he kept his old job, as LibDem Housing Spokesman, whilst campaigning he may have been able to shake off defeat. Now he's thrown himself into it, if he is beaten by the campaign savvy Baroness Ross Scott, it will leave him rejected and jobless. It will, in fact, be the end of his political career because by then Clegg will have replaced him and I'm sure he won't reshuffle again to make space for him. Lembit had better of judged this right.

UPDATE: Just a thought, I wonder if Clegg will choose this moment to have a wider re-shuffle and to bring back those who quit over the Lisbon fiasco?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe losing the presidency will give Lembit Opoik the wake up call he needs. With luck he might quit his life as a part-time politician to become a full time prat on TV. The Lib Dems would forfeit any credibility they have by voting that a comedian in to a role of supposed gravitas. Let's hope he loses to the markedly superior Ros and then to Glyn Davies in the general election. He's the architect of his own downfall