Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Charles Clarke is under no threat from anybody except the electorate

The EDP ought to be worried slightly by this, speculating on the political future of Charles Clarke in Norwich South. This is not the first time the paper has "sources" which it judges are good enough to run a front page splash undermining a local politican which subsequently doesn't stand up to scrutiny and which history will prove to be simply false. Charles Clarke has been re-selected as Labour candidate and will remain as such. Why? Because despite being a fairly useless constituency MP (he ought to spend longer on the streets of Norwich than the dark corridors of Westminster, plotting) he is well liked and respected amongst the local Labour members. He knows what to do, what to say and who to meet. I even know Labour Councillors in Norwich North who will come south to campaign for Clarke. Despite all of his failings, Clarke simply will maintain the faith of his local party.

And good job too. De-selection would let Clarke get away with it - local people should have the last say on his political future. He ought to be accountable for the mess he and his government has got this country into. I want Clarke to stay - and lose - here in Norwich South and feel what people have to say about crime and the economy.


Anonymous said...

Again your inability to aknowledge anything positive that this government has gone is frnkaly stunning- can you be that politically naive or just trying to make yourself look that way. as for your comments re ruth kelly you make yourself look cynical and idiotic. only she knows why she resigned and maybe it was due to her family maybe not i do not think the thinking electorate really care either the political animal by all means but you have more intelligence than stupid point scoring

Anonymous said...

I find what you are saying bizarre, anon. Antony has suggested that Clarke is under no pressure and this is an anti-labour non-story, frankley being a lot fairer than some would be, and he still gets attacked for being too anti-govt?

He doesn't have to temper any story with the few things Labour have done right. This is a Tory blog after all!

Anonymous said...

So which norwich north cllrs exactly? There's only one who would and shes well known as charlies girl. but rumour has it she is moving from norwich north anyway.