Friday, September 05, 2008

Hideous Flashback! What a difference 5 years make . . .

Take a look at this - it's the City Council election results for 2003. Amazing to see what has changed and where we all are now!

In fact, are the '03 candidates the most successful given the number of us that went on to win at some point in the future? I count - me, Janet Bearman, Adrian Holmes, Rupert Read, Bert Bremner, Bob Gledhill, Stephen Little, Julie Westmacott, John Wyatt, Keith Driver & Roy Blower.

And of the class of '03, only Alan Waters, Adrian Ramsay, Judith Lubbock and Joyce Divers remain in office today.

Another interesting little side story. Two candidate for North Norfolk at the next election both stood in the same ward - Labour's Phil Harris and Conservative Trevor Ivory. Although a LibDem won, Phil got the better of Trevor that time - I very much doubt he will next time!


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