Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blog Posts Worth Clicking

A couple of good ones;

David argues that the LibDems are not nice, Rupert wants us all to slow down, Dizzy can't work out where Gordon has gone, Guido hasn't heard of David Cairns and Neil wants Zac fired.

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Anonymous said...

Neil Winton dislikes Zac Goldsmith because other than being ultimately more visually attractive and youthful than Neil, and probably wealthier; Zac happens to believe people are responsible for warming the planet and causing climate change (like quite a few of us and 98% of research scientists); Neil vermently doesn't and supports corporate profit making from burning coal, CO2 emissons be dammed. It fair to say Neil likes cars; some would say looking at his blog, the mans a petrolhead!

Neils motive is don't like the message, get rid of the messenger.

Neil now adores Palin because she's anti climate change, drives a gas guzzler and blows mooses brains out at the weekends for sport.

Neil Winton has more in kind with The New Party. Perhaps he should take up membership.