Saturday, September 20, 2008

Clarke set to lose to the Conservatives says UK's biggest ever marginal seats poll

The UK’s largest ever poll in key marginal seats has confirmed that it is the Conservatives who are on course to defeat Charles Clarke at the next election, despite claims by the Greens and LibDems. The poll, carried out by PoliticsHome Electoral Index, is the biggest poll of its kind and the best indication of the result of the next general election with 34,000 participants in 238 key seats. The work was carried about by well respected pollster YouGov – who have correctly predicted all of the recent elections including Boris Johnson’s victory in London.

The reason that this poll is more accurate is the wording of the question – instead of asking for their party of choice, this poll asked people to think about the constituency of Norwich South and the candidates standing here and which of them the elector would vote for. It gave the result as a Conservative win.

The report says: “Our poll suggests that the LibDems have failed to position themselves as the challengers to Labour in these seats and the drop in Labour support is instead going to the Conservative Party, in some cases [ including Norwich South ] allowing them to win from third place.”

We are running a strong campaign here in Norwich South and we are taking nothing for granted. We have made gains on the local council and people see us as the main challengers to Labour. Only David Cameron’s Conservatives can remove Brown from power – a vote for any other party is a waste. People are very keen to support our new ideas and fresh thinking in education, the environment and the cost of living.

There is still a lot of work to do as the next election could be up to 2 years away but here in Norwich South there is a real opportunity for change. The Liberal Democrats have no chance of forming the next government and have been almost wiped out at City Hall.

Under this Labour government, taxes have gone through the roof, the cost of buying food and filling up your car has rocketed and they have abolished the 10p tax rate hitting many hard working families here in Norwich.

In contrast, I believe in lower taxation, help for people to get into work, a stronger NHS, more police on the streets and better schools.

I will be working hard over the coming weeks, months and years to meet as many local people as I can; listening to your issues and addressing your concerns. I am in politics to make life better for local people.

This poll blows the claims of the Greens and the LibDems apart.

This poll will give our campaign great heart and encourage us to knock on more doors every week until the next election.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Labour are now being found out. With all the hard work you are doing they will have a real fight on their hands.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you bother going on about this Antoy - everyone in Norwich already KNOWS that the Liberal Democrats are dead in the water because we've voted them out of nearly every area going. The next election is going to be between Charles Clarke and yourself with the Greens in a good third place - no doubt.

Anonymous said...

I agree but FWIW this is all self inflicted by the LibDems

IF they hadn't chosen Clegg
IF they had a better candidate in Norwich South
IF they weren't losing their grip in City Hall

Come on, they've sht themselves in the foot.