Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Comments on the Brown Speech

Just a few thoughts tonight on the Brown conference speech.

First of all weas the big surprise of the Sarah Brown introduction, which very much bought to mind the Michelle Obama set piece. She looked very confident and spoke well. However I cannot help but wonder what the press would have said if Samantha Cameron had done the same thing - is this only brave and bold because Brown is in such trouble? She's PR savvy, that's for sure, and so savvy she hasn't be criticised for being savvy!

Then there was the "novice" line; was I really the only one who thought he was referring to David Miliband rather than David Cameron (or maybe both) when it was first said.

I thought that the PM was clearer in his attacks on David Cameron but I still don't think they will stick. All the class-and-nonsense stuff is pretty weak and the blaming of the world's problems on the Tories just looks pathetic. Even Blears admits they should stop listing achievements (it only works if people recongise them as achievements) and stop attacking the last Tory government. Brown should listen to her.

But overall this was a decent speech - not dramatic and I didn't pick up a big theme. But it wasn't badly delivered and Brown cheered up his troops - for now. I still don't get what this Labour government is "for" - why are they still in office, what left have they got to do? What is their purpose, other than to govern (badly) for governing sake.

This is a stop-gap speech - a plaster over the wound of Labour's divisions.

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Anonymous said...

Whether you like it or not you cannot deny the positive way in which the labour goverment has lead this country over the past ten years. Are you really that naive?
Yes there are problems at the moment but anyone who thinks that the global money problems would be any different under David Cameron is floating ona diferent planet. This is a situation created by the world economy not one government. if labour were in opposition and were blaming the tories you would be first to say they were very wrong