Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Three Score - the Masterplan

Tonight I went to a really useful meeting of the Bowthorpe Community Partnership where the outline plans for the 1200 house Three Score development was debated. There was a lot of good questioning of the planning officers and I have come out quite comfortable with the plan ... remember that this is just the outline plan rather than the details.

I am glad that the roads are wider than in the "old" Three Score development, where there is clear room for parking and also for manoevering cars.

I am glad there ther is a distinction between neighbourhood roads and home zone roads.

I am slightly worried about the lack of play space and the lack of development of the two 0.1acre play space areas.

I am worried that the proposed sheltered housing and small shop plots may get mangled in the development process and may fail to materialise.

I am pleased that the environmental standards are going to be very high.

Comments appreciated - you can view the Masterplan at the Planning Reception, Level 2 at City Hall

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