Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ha Ha Ha Harman

I am absolutely thrilled that the person Blair sacked for incompetence has been ressurected as Labour's new Deputy Leader. Who on earth voted for her? I'm stunned.

Apart from being totally useless and institutionally sexist herself, she is one of the few politicans who causes people to switch off after less than 5 milliseconds. Labour think that because she's a woman and because she represents a London seat (I think she's Del Boy's MP) that she'll connect with key swing voters in those all-important South East marginals. I think differently - she is exactly the kind of hauty left-wing nanny that makes people vote Tory. Her personal majority may rise but I can see a swath of marginals in Kent falling one-by-one.

So as far as I can see, Labour have made the perfect choice! And Brown's first stupid mistake is to put this woman in the public eye as Party Chairman.


Anonymous said...

I think you've called it absolutely right Antony. The weakest candidate with the possible exception of Hain this is not a good result for the Labour Party.

She is not very competent and her pitch basically was "I am a woman from the south". And the people went for it showing that the Labour party as a whole, not just the Government, is leaning towards losing the plot.

Anonymous said...

Antony, what a load of rubbish! Harriet is a great choice for Deputy Leader, she ran an excellent campaign and she made some clear commitments, I think she will greatly strenghten the Labour Party. I voted for her as a Party member, and I am delighted that she won. I would happily put money on it that over the next few years she will excel at her job, Terry