Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ming Campbell is "completely divorced from reality"

Of all the stupid policies currently hanging around the necks of LibDem candidates and councillors around the country there can be nothing more stupid than today's so-called radical plan to build 1,000,000 new homes over 10 years.

Apparently this will be done by getting council's to buy land from farmers at a knock down price, give it planning permission and then sell it onto developers (at a profit). Can anyone see the problem with this cunning plan? Which farmer is actually going to do it?

The Country Land and Business Association has described Sir Ming's scheme as "completely divorced from reality". President David Fursdon said the system was "open to so much abuse" as councils would be deciding whether to grant permission for schemes that would make them huge sums of money. "And why is it that it's OK for the local authority to do something on the land when it's not for the private landowner?"

So now everyone who lives near farm land better ask their local LibDems if they plan to plonk houses on them. A bad idea from an increasingly desperate leader of an increasingly desperate party.


Anonymous said...

You are probably right on Ming and farmland. I'm interested how the Conservatives aim to solve the UK's housing shortages and stablise house prices to affordable levels?

Where do the conservatives stand, housing policy wide? Will they build 100,000, 200K, 500K, 750K or 1Million dwellings over the next 10 years? Where will they build them?

Will they build up like the 1960's/70's? Green tower blocks?

Will they tax second homes or holiday homes, to give locals a crack at with local properties?

Will they build on car parks, contaminated land and shops?

Will they send non EU migrants home to releive the housing demand/supply curve?

Will they work a deal with Canada, Australia or the USA to take 3 million emigrating UK subjects?

Before critising other plans, normally its good to have the alternatives.

I'd be interested in Antony's solutions.

Anonymous said...

mr little is god


Antony said...

You might say that Conrad, I couldn't possibly comment! Ah-hem!

I hope you are doing Politics next year - or I shall not be a happy bunny!