Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Caretaker's Caretaker

One top Norwich LibDem seems to have put his finger on their troubles at the moment. Cllr Cooke was only ever meant to be a caretaker leader until the new talent emerges. Now, I understand, that talent has come forward - with all sides in praise of newly-elected Cllr Wright's first council speech it seems that she is the chosen one.

When I pointed out that she made one good set piece speech and we had yet to see her under fire, thinking on her feet or even proposing a motion that was opposed by any other party, I was told that she would develop and after Cooke goes the LibDems may need another caretaker until she is ready.

So Hereward Cooke was the caretaker's caretaker. It isn't clear who the caretaker is - although Cllr Watkins fits the bill - but it seems that Mr & Mrs Simon Wright may have the whole constituency sown up soon.

It will be interesting to see how those LibDem Councillors, former Councillors and activists who have criticised Mr Wright to me will take the new Cllr Mrs Wright in the future!

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