Monday, June 18, 2007

Labour MP Ian Gibson's Unitary bid hypocrisy

What do you make of these two quotes from Ian Gibson regarding the Norwich Unitary bid?

“They probably think for some reason I am seen to be on the city's side. I am not. I am listening to my constituents and what they want.” (EDP, 18th June 2007)

“I both welcome and support the bid for a Unitary Norwich.” Dr Ian Gibson MP quoted in the City Council’s Unitary bid (p.76)

There are two explanations for this. Either this is a cynical U-turn by Dr Gibson or the City Council have lied in their Unitary bid.

I would be horrified if the unitary bid sought to misrepresent the views of a local politician. If it did, then the Leader of the Council would have to seriously consider his position after a blunder like that.

However, what I think is more likely is that Dr Gibson has cynically changed his mind when he realized that local people were dead against Labour’s expensive and dangerous local government reorganization.

He rushed to back Labour but didn’t stop to think what the people he represented might think. In Thorpe St Andrew, Sprowston and Hellesdon – as well as large numbers of people in the City – have seen straight through Labour’s power grab.

I, of course, welcome Dr Gibson’s conversion to the anti-unitary cause. But people will conclude this is a cynical and hypocritical vote grab. The Conservatives opposed this from the start – Dr Gibson is bandwagon jumping again.

I note that people can now electronically tag where Dr Gibson is in the UK – it’s a pity we cannot track his ever-changing views.


Anonymous said...

Antony, you have to remember Dr Ian has to face the electorate again in a few years!

Anonymous said...

I saw ian Gibson today, He said he makes his own mind up on any one particular issue. Anyone who suggests otherwise is in line for a Glaswegan handshake.

John said...

Ian Gibson seems to forget sometimes that Norwich North constituency is bigger than the city of Norwich.
Until it was pointed out to him his website only featured pictures of Norwich (most of which were in fact in Norwich South).