Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Greens vote LibDem, Tory votes Labour, Labour won't vote for anyone ... a strange night at the council!

Last night's Full Council meeting was probably the most bizarre - and badly attended - I have ever known.

Labour were short of 5 members, Tories 1 down and the LibDems 1 down. Only the Greens fielded a full team - but in a bizarre twist all of the three big groups had 10 members each.

It was John's first council meeting and his reaction was quite telling. He thought that it addressed some of the big issues that face Norwich but also has the ability to drift off into complete obscurity.

And then the really odd stuff started.

Labour's in-house attack dog Cllr Sands took up a whole speech telling us how 10 years of Labour government had made education worse in Norwich.

Executive Members Cllr Alan Waters and Cllr Steve Morphew agreed that their own government had made a balls up of the NHS and planning.

The Green Party voted for LibDem Chief Cllr Hereward Cooke to be Chair of the Audit Committee ... but only after Cllr Cooke grovelled to council and had to admit his party lied and cheated during the election.

Then I voted for Labour Cllr Keith Driver ... only his own side didn't. It was left with a Conservative councillor being the only person to vote for a Labour committee chair.

Then the LibDems and Greens stitched up a bizarre amendment to a motion that stopped us voting against it.

I'll post my thoughts during the week!


Anonymous said...

Those few Cllr Cooke's views not the parties, Judith Lubbock has hung him out to dry in the EDP. The Greens and Labour lend him into a trap and he let his ego get in the way.

Anonymous said...

Lib Dems and Cooke have lost all credibility, a walking corspe expecting disection at the next eleections in 2008.

Anonymous said...

It's a giant plot to paraphrase a semi-famous local politician. Just what the plot intends to acheive is anybodies guess though!