Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thank God! It's Prime Minister Brown...

I must admit I was never seriously worried about Brown losing his 13-year long bid to be Labour Leader until I had drinks with a group of Norwich Labour Councillors the other day. They pretty much backed the anyone-but-Brown candidate ... but now it doesn't look like they'll have one! And thank God for that!

The Conservatives need Gordon Brown ... he'll keep the keys to No.10 warm for Mr Cameron!


Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown may be the best guy for labour, with Miliband keeping his power dry for another day. Brown doesn't have a clear mandate from the electorate. This will stay until he calls a General Election. Lets have one soon!

Antony said...

Actually, controversially, I don't agree - we elected a parliament, not a Prime Minister. This current parliament still has a mandate and the fact it has chosen a new PM (Brown would win a Commons vote, if there was one) is not an issue. PMs change, but the parliament remains the same.

Anonymous said...

Not if parliament hasa less power and the powere is concentrated solely by two figures, Blair No10 and Brown No 11, and cabinet has less say, and parliament even less.

Anonymous said...

Well we've had Brown, Energy, Waste, HIPS..what next with bad news for a good legacy day!

Anonymous said...

Stop and In Terror Gate powers

Private Teachers to Comp Classes

Nuclear Power stations

Congestion Charges

Trainee Doctors fiasco

I think the Brown/Blair transition is on its last legs rather than a legacy. General election please Mr Brown