Monday, May 28, 2007

The secret of a successful blog is to update it regularly

... which I haven't been able to manage myself. Anyway, after last week's sheer amadness and a brief but very enjoyable holiday in North Norfolk I am back into the blog.

I learnt with some sadness of the demise of LibDem Voice today - a kind of poor man's ConservativeHome. I think all parties need these sort of sites but I have said before that LDV was too-loyal and spouted a lot of the cheery LibDem optimism that the rest of us hate - we're the real opposition, blah, blah, we actually won the 2007 election but nobody noticed, blah, blah, we're not sinking in the polls at all, blah, blah ... I advised that it started to really debate the issues in their party and people would accept a broad church at work rather than try to exploit divisions (rather like does rather well). Anyway, whatever its merits it will be missed even by rampant Tories like me!

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Anonymous said...

Bit to keen to write us off Cllr Little.