Monday, May 07, 2007

The Low Expectations of the Norwich LibDems

The Norwich LibDems are celebrating still being the opposition party on the council here and their PPC is looking on the bright side here.

The Council Group seems to have very low expectations of themselves whilst at least the PPC has the ability to (badly) spin the result. I shall post more on this later.


Anonymous said...

It is May Day and it would be a shame to rain on the Lib Dems parade. However, I have images of the closing days of the Soviet Union where yesterdays men and women stand to salute rows of antiquated tanks - except Cherenko is played by Hereward Cooke.

Indeed the Lib Dems did outpoll Labour in Norwich South by a dazzling 93 votes - this would of course be a cause of great celebration for a party that held 9 of 11 wards barely four years ago but now scrapes two and in that period has seenit's percentage share across the city halve.

At least 93 of the Lib Dem votes in Eaton this year are Labour tacticals.

The Liberals do rather neglect to mention that across the city they came third - this is a feat that they may have last acheived in the early 1980's. Indeed across the city they beat the Tories by just 978 (?) votes.

My political crystal ball reads very similar to Anthony's on the fate of the Lib Dems next year(not so sure about those Tory gains from Labour next year though) and as the mists clear do I see third place in Norwich South? or could it be even worse??

Anthony and I disagree about many things but I think we can unite in a glorious vision of seeing the Lib Dems kicked off the Norwich South pitch....soon.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Simon Wright? That's what his website says. Surely he didn't get re-elected somewhere?