Sunday, May 20, 2007

City and County

After last night's excitement, and with Emily safely tucked away at Nanny and Grandad's house, Louise and I decided to enjoy some time together and go out for breakfast. Norwich at 10am on a Sunday is a strange but pleasant experience. I am a city-boy ... I need the buzz of City life and love the fact that Norwich is always busy. But this morning it was so quiet - almost disturbing but actually quite relaxing. We managed time round the shops, bumped into friends around the book shops (how did we manage without coffee shops inside book shops?!?) and ate breakfast without having cereal pinged at either of us.

After lunch, we picked up Emily (and of course, the ever-ready Auntie Katie) and headed out to the contrasting quiet of the county to travel in style, via firstly a small wooden motorised boat (yes... it did just cope with my weight) and then miniture steam railways. Emily, of course, loved it and thought it was Thomas the Tank Engine. Olivia ... well, just slept.

We are very lucky to live in a county like Norfolk with so much to do ... who ever said I'd be bored after the election finished? Last weekend we went to little Chloe's christening down in Kent and next weekend Lousie and I are away again! This week is the AGM of the Council, first meeting of Scrutiny, post-OFSTED party and the Notre Dame VI Form Leavers Dinner. Don't expect much blogging...

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