Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Vote Conservative today

Norwich has a chance to vote for something completely different today. A chance to reject Labour's negative campaign attacks, the LibDems fiscal incompetence and the Green's fantasy world politics.

A chance to vote for a party that believes in good quality public services at a vlaue-for-money cost.

A chance to vote for a party that is environmental in outlook.

A chance to vote for a party that is serious about cleaning up our neighbourhoods.

A chance to vote for a party that really will tackle anti-social behaviour.

So don't leave the act of participation in our democracy to somebody else - there is a difference between the parties and your vote will count!

Labour, LibDems and the Greens want to raise your tax, the Conservatives will cut it.

Labour, LibDems and the Greens want to shut off the City Centre, the Conservatives will free up our roads and support public transport.

Labour, LibDems and the Greens would waste millions on local government reorganisation, the Conservatives would put that money straight into local services.

Don't say your vote doesn't matter - it does.

Norwich matters to you, and it matters to us.

So take a few moments today ... and vote Conservative.


Anonymous said...

"Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Vote Conservative today"

Bit early Antony...

" A chance to reject ..... the Green's fantasy world politics."

Which one? What about the rest of them?

Anonymous said...

"an environmental outlook"

"freeing up roads"

I think you have got my vote today but please sort out blatent contradictions like this one.

Anonymous said...

Personally with the main Tory candidates, John Wyatt is worth voting for, a decent Green Tory, Eve Collishaw is Tradition (closet Thatcherite), so beware who you vote for, and not just policies!

You might get a future incinerator, an NDR or service cuts with Eve.

Anonymous said...

and so the Norwich conservatives become three...
still 7 seats behind the Greens though!

Anonymous said...

Well done John Wyatt. It proves Labour were complacent again, 9 votes complacent.

If the Tories put up a very good candidate like Vic Hope in Bowthorpe next year against Cllr Ferris, Labour could get wiped in Bowthorpe.

Tories need better quality of candidates all round to make further inroads into LibDem areas.

Anonymous said...

Labour's complacency in Bowthorpe was if anything being insufficiently "political". People from all parties last night were paying tribute to Chrissie Rumsey and her excellent record as a local councillor who prided herself on individual casework rather than campaigning or soundbites.

The main headline from Norwich last night centres around the complete diasastor for the Lib Dems. For a party that in 2003 held 9 of 11 wards in Norwich South to win just two - TH by a vote and Eaton with a halved majority was pitiful.

Next year could well be worse with the Lib Dems defending in Lakenham (Cooke), Mancroft, Town Close, Mile X - throw in TH and Eaton and singles figures beckon, maybe total meltdown

On TH - when there are knife-edge results like that the loser usually carries forward a "moral victory" into the next year. In 2008 The Greens will take Thorpe Hamlet by 300 votes +. It will be interesting what approach the Tories take to Eaton - having a consistent candidate has benefits and with the right campaign the Tories could well be back.

If you polled most of the Labour activists at the start of the night most would have been very happy with a net loss of 1. Labour actually consolidated very well in places like Cromer, Sewell, Mile X, Lakenham, University.

A good night for the Tories, Labour will be content. The Greens will have learnt a bit of a painful lesson that perhaps will shake off a little of their naivety (though not much).

May 2008 starts on Monday