Thursday, May 10, 2007

Compare and Contrast

Compare this thoughful and considered piece from David Cameron to the utterly meaningless pap spouted by Blair today. I know which one I'd rather be in the position of being our Prime Minister.

The "shock" of the Prime Minister's resignation has led to reels of reflective pieces on the last 10 years. Here's mine...

Tax, spend, tax, balme the tories, waste, spend, tax, spin, waste, tax, tax, spin, tax, waste, spend, blame absolutely everyone else but us, tax, waste, tax, spend, waste (continues for 10 long, long, hard years...)


Anonymous said...

Blair and Cameron are out of the same mold, don't fool yourself. Cameron is Blair II. Its Cain and Abel. Rhetoric is cheap from both! He's not even promising tax cuts, so he's quite prepared to tax and spin at the same level of Blair, maybe even more with green taxes.
No one is fooled either by both.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is resigning these days, Blair, Reid, Prescott, Lord Browne BP, Duncan Fletcher, Shaun Murphy and even sadly this week David Bourn, EEN editor

Gavin Ayling said...

Balming the Tories wouldn't be so bad.

But if you meant "blame" :-P then you need to list it more times!

Anonymous said...

10 long, long hard years?

You are so young and naive Ant. If you lived throught the 18 long, long dark years of Tory rule you will know what hard is.

10 years wasted opportunities and spin does not compare Thatcher.

Anonymous said...

Thatcher in her obsession to save Britains economy and productivity, destroyed rightly the unions, but wrongly British Society, Fabric and Institutions.