Sunday, May 20, 2007

Now that's what I call a Tory Party!

Conservative Party get-together's seemed to enter into a strange new world this week, with the Norwich Conservatives "Thank You" Party taking place. Normal levels of decorum and sipping of sherry was shelved, to be replaced with the sound of heavy-duty boozing, raucous laughter and kebabs setting on fire.

It was great that so many of the team could make the party - I have to say I did a mean BBQ, although I was shocked that wooden kebab sticks can so easily set on fire if you leave them on top of a flame! Equally shocking was how often the high winds put out my gorgeous BBQ ... still, that's what an oven is for. The food was fantastic and, depsite my efforts to poision Norwich's fastest growing political party, we seem to have survived.

We were very pleased that special guest David Tenant (i.e. Eaton ward's very own Niall Baxter) could pop in and delight so many people ... if that's what Niall is like sober, it's probably best he doesn't drink! Gone midnight, we still lay around putting the world to rights - although we never managed to come to a conclusion regarding certain potential bikini models ;-)

My house was only just big enough (with the garden) to hold in the enthusiasm and everyone is looking forward to next year with great promise. The canvassing starts again on Monday (hint to other Tory organisers: don't try to print canvass cards late at night and after that much wine).

Amazingly the damage didn't seem too bad - just one massive stain and maybe, in time, that will fade!

One thing I would urge Cameron to remember is that the best thing about the Conservative Party are the people that make it up. I'm really proud to be leading the Norwich association at this time, and last night may just have been the start of the '09 springboard...

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