Saturday, March 10, 2007

One Amazing Day

No, no the Millennium Dome, but canvassing in Norwich.

I have written before about the joys of canvassing in Britain, but the variety and quality of doorstep responses we get always bewilders me. A big team of us went out this morning in Chapel Break to do some survey canvassing and ask people about their views leading up to the election. As well as taking on general views, we were asking about the swtich to "twin bins", council tax and road pricing. People were generally very, very supportive about the twin bin move - although the economic arguement about avoiding landfill tax seemed to be more pressing than the environmental concerns. Some people worried about where and how the new bins would arrive but there was support for the principle of the scheme.

Council tax continues to cause a lot of hot collars and Labour's 4.7% tax hike is going down badly. Before LibDems jusmp up and down over this, we asked people what they wanted to do. The vast majority wanted council tax reformed whilst only a quater (of a sample of 400 houses) wanted it replaced with a local income tax.

Road pricing isn't popular either. The anti-car lobby - and I include Labour, LibDems and the Greens in this - think they have the moral high ground on this. I suggest they talk to one wheelchair bound man I spoke to and hear his story of trying to cope without his car. Over 90% ruled it out completely, even more than were opposed to the congestion charge.

The incinerator once again failed to be mentioned once, and the largest issue was anti-social behaviour and vandalism. Speeding and traffic safety came a close second today.

In the afternoon we went to Catton Grove where Eve got a really warm response. I thought I would share this one with you. A single voter, I know, but worthy of note. A guy who lived off Mousehold Lane who claimed to always vote Labour, though thick and thin, through good times and bad. He is opposed totally to unitary and this is the only election he'll get to express his opinion he is going to vote Conservative. After that, he warns me, it'll be back to Labour. Amazing how some people make their democratic selection.

A great day for canvassing - I'm sure nearly every ward in the City had some activity in it. There isn't such a thing as a safe City seat for any party anymore. This election is shaping up to be evry interesting.


Anonymous said...

The Twin Bin and Alternative Weekly Collection is a positive move to increase recycling and keep collection costs steady.

Maggots and rats are myths. Maggots take 2 days to hatch and we should all be very fearful of a 3foot rat that knaws through 5mm of a lid down PVC wheely bin to get to any waste food. Rats are more likely around fast food outlets or Prince of Wales Road on a Friday night. A person who does not recycle and throws more than 240 litres worth (200 beer cans) of waste a fortnight, is a waste problem area.

Anonymous said...

Congestion charging (even zonal charging) is not well thought ot in Norwich. Staggered working hours for major central employers such as 1,500 council workers (City Hall, County Hall, Broadland DC) and 7,000 Norwich Union staff would reduce peak/ rush hour congestion in central Norwich enormously, as would raising central car parking fees (existing system. Does every one have to arrive at their office desk at 8.55am? Why not 9.25am, or 9.55am?