Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Oddities of a Parliamentary Vote

Aside from the headline figures of a key parliamentary vote like today's on the renewal of Trident, some of the most interesting factoids are in the actions of individual MPs themselves.

Blair had a bad night from the Norfolk Labour MPs - Ian Gibson (Norwich North) and Tony Wright (Great Yarmouth) were predictable rebels but they were joined by former Home Secretary Charles Clarke (Norwich South) in opposing the government. It meant all three of the counties MPs went against Blair - and possibly Mr Clarke's first time, ever.

As nearly 100 Labour MPs bloodied the Prime Minister, just 2 Tories stood out against David Cameron - former Deputy Leader Michael Ancram (Devizes) and backbencher Rob Wilson (Reading E) voted with the Labour rebels.

Both Independent MPs - Clare Short (Ladywood) and Dr Richard Taylor (Kiddeminster) - voted against Blair, as did the UUPs Lady Hermon (North Down). Labour rebels included the Chair of their Parliamentary Party Tony Lloyd (Manchester C).

The Labour rebel list looks like a bit of a who's-who of lefties, but a few of the lesser known rebels and not-quite-as-loony MPs include Janet Dean (Burton), Stephen Pound (Eailing N), Rudi Vis (Finchley & Golders Green) and Alan Meale (Mansfield).

As ever, Nick Brown (Newcastle E) threatened to vote against and ended up not going through with it - he now has form on this.

Finally, plenty of Labour leadership candidates opposing their own government tonight - Deputy Leadership hopeful Jon Cruddas (Dagenham) was joined by Leader wannabee's John McDonnell (Hayes & Harlington) and Michael Meacher (Oldham W).


Anonymous said...

Just two points Antony.

Clarke voted for the ammendment delaying the submarines construction decision, but with the government in the final vote, with ammendment defeated.

Are you for or against renewal of Trident? Where do you stand on Trident?

Anonymous said...

Hi Little, this is Stephen aka Sausage King, would love to get back in touch, do email me if you will.