Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another amazing day

Today was all about Emily and we had family up to spend the day with us at Banham Zoo - I still think one of Norfolk's hidden treasures. We got the chance to see the big cats at play, some rather lazy kangaroos and monkeys up close. Olivia, of course, missed the lot by being asleep and Emily missed the seal feeding by walking head first into a tree. Other than that the weather was great, the cafe made a decent cup of tea and everything seems good with the world. In fact, we drifted so far away that you might have even forgotten we had a rotten Labour government... or, maybe not!

Emily's birthday has been a bit of a festival - starting Wednesday and going through until today, but finally the giant "I am 2" banner is down and we can return to some normality. All we have to do now is slowly watch the balloons deflate and drip-feed Emily her new toys day-by-day.

Oh, and destroy that bloody awful signing birthday card my brother sent her.

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