Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hay Hill - a victory (of sorts)

Great news recieved today that the Council have created a compromise deal of the installation of a modern art structure on Hay Hill. Apparently most of the stalls will now stay and there is, shock of shocks, enough room for the traders and the art to live side by side.

I still have my doubts about the circumstances in which this was all arranged - Norwich LibDems hold your collective heads in shame - but I wouldn't want that to marr what is a signficiant victory for the traders, albeit not all of them.

The credit has to go directly to the traders and their supporters. A 2,000 signature petition and the cool, calm and directed campaign run by, amongst others, Matt and Sam Cooper has been quite remarkable to watch. No screaming, or shouting, just reasoned logic. And they won - so it can be done.

I have heard first hand about the pressure that these traders have been under. The Council have done the right thing and they should be praised for being willing to look again and take the issue seriously. I hope now that trade can continue as always and that the council can learn something about how to handle these situations.

Not everyone will be pleased and I feel for those who still stand to lose out, but this time last week things looked so much worse.

A victory ... of sorts.

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