Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blog Rules, OK?

I know that most other people have said this at some point or another but I feel that I have to, sadly, make a few requests regarding some of the more bizarre comments left on my blog.

I am happy to publish political discourse, general abuse, anything amusing, rants or anything else polite.

I am not happy to publish comments that are just vile attacks on anybody - and that includes Labour Councillors in general and my Bowthorpe colleagues in particular. I know more than anybody else the failings of this Labour government and also of City Hall. If you have anything against certain Labour Councillors then start your own blog or take it up with the EEN.

Please don't think this is a forum to slag them off. That's my job, and I'll decide how to do it, without anybody else's wild nightmares creeping in.

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