Saturday, March 10, 2007

Labour MP to quit over Trident: Cook would be proud

Robin Cook was a remarkable parliamentarian, a fearful debator and a man of some high principle.

He would, I therefore conclude, be proud of his friend, agent and successor as MP for Livingston Jim Devine for quiting over Labour's slavish devotion to Trident.

Well Done that man. Parliament needs more like you.


Anonymous said...

Parliament needs principled politicans. It also needs politicans that have learnt from history and that disarmament in a changing and dangerous world is foolish. The UK needs to invest 3% of its defence budget in 160 warheads, D5 Trident for the UK's future security. The UK has managed Polaris, Trident and predecessors successfully for over 50 years. Relations with countries can deteriorate very quickly in a matter of a few years, especially countries seeing NATO as a threat, territorial and regional conflicts and superpower conflict over future scare resources. What will be the security future and situation be in 5-10 years?

Anonymous said...

One wonders what your position on Trident is Antony?

Anonymous said...

I have listened in detail to the Trident debate in parliament and the options

1) No to Trident procurement and construction
2 Yes to Design and Procurement now, another parliamentary debate and decision in 2014 on Trident submarine construction.
3 Yes Now to Design, Procurement and guarentee of construction of Trident from 2014.

I am completely convinced from the debate Option 3 is the correct decision tonight and for the UKs security and future.

I have a parting throught. A world leader has stated he is prepared "to wipe another sovereign country of the face of the map". When will he, or other mercurial leaders change, at a moments speech, the name Israel to United Kingdom in the future?