Sunday, May 16, 2010

Did Kennedy speak up at the time?

The Independent on Sunday today carries the news that Charles Kennedy, former LibDem Leader 1999-2006, abstained on the vote to enter a coalition with Cameron's Conservatives. Yet at the time we were told it was passed with all parliamentarians in favour?

Now Mr Kennedy has revealed his unease and suddenly it brings into question those LibDem claims. So who is not being honest here - the LibDems after the meeting or Mr Kennedy now?


Anonymous said...

I think CK is upset because the people who removed him as Leader are now in the cabinet.

Linden Parker said...

The truth of it was that none of the Parliamentary Party voted against, but not all voted in favour.
Charles Kennedy abstained (Lord Steele couldn't attend but said he would have abstained). I'm told that Menzies Campbell voiced his concerns, but ultimately voted in favour.

The one member of the Federal Executive who voted against, did so because he wanted STV to be included in any such deal - something which was obvious to the rest of us we weren't going to get.