Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Rank Hypocrisy

Anybody spot an hypocrisy here;

LibDem Leader Nick Clegg appears on the BBC telling people to vote for the party they believe in and says no politicans should tell you to support a party you don't wish to.

LibDem candidate Simon Wright issues a newspaper to people in Norwich South that has fourteen (yes, 14) references to tactical voting, telling people that some parties can't win and so you ought to back the party that can beat Labour.


I am proud of our positive campaign here in Norwich South, I wonder if Mr Wright will look back and think the same about his?


Paul said...


Simon Wright's campaign is abysmal !

If I were still a party member then I'd be very embarrassed by it... and those dreadful & ridiculous 'winning here' posters. I remember going round once with... was it Gordon Dean.. and we were to install a super-sized one and I refused to take part.

If I were still a party member his campaign would be enough to make me leave the party.

He needs a little bit of humility because if (when?) he loses then he should feel very foolish indeed.

And those pictures of him where he is looking up adoringly at some party luminary - not good.

well that's my rant for the evening.

Wensum Voter said...

Antony, whilst I hope you do well, I can't help but think that this is what the Consevatives are also doing around the country.

You will retain more support if you stop attacking the liberals (did you see what happened to the worm during the debates when Mr Cameron attacked Clegg) and stick yo the positive of your campaign.

I note on the StraightChoice.com website which lists party leaflets that the Conservatives are doing much the same as the Liberals.

Good luck for tomorrow. I'll be there in Wensum bright and early before work !