Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cameron's Coalition (Day One)

Brown's gone ... Cameron's in.

The names have started to roll in that will make up a new cabinet - Osbourne as Chancellor, Hague as Foreign Secretary, Fox at Defence and Lansley at Health all confirmed. First 2 LibDems; Clegg as DPM and Alexander at the Scottish Office.

An absolutely historic day - we'll wait to see what the deal on the table is later on today.


Anonymous said...

Hear that Antony? It's the sound of my membership card being torn up.

MisterB said...

Though I am neither a Conservative nor a LibDem, I think the new coalition is a very promising outcome for Britain (and for those two parties). We presently need need a strong, principled government that commands widespread respect and support, and it became clear in the election campaign that no one party could provide this on its own. The parliamentary arithmetic is such that only a Lib-Con coalition can provide this now. If they make a good job of it, they will both deservedly earn the long lasting gratitude of the British people. If they make a hash of it then they will equally deservedly be punished.

Here's the task: Conservatives - please protect us from perils of of heavy handed, paternalistic government and over-regulation. Sort out the deficit. You should be good at all that. LibDems - fend off the Euro-phobes, the road-builders, the social-conservatives, and those with self-serving business-interests. Make sure we get AV, at least, and a democratic second chamber. You should be good at all that. Do these things and it might just be the best government in a generation.

Paul said...

Oh the irony Antony !

You were clearly a far better candidate than Mr Wright and now we find the LibDems have become Tories.

If the coalition is 'successful' then what happens come election time - who will be the candidate ? You or Mr Wright...

Anonymous said...

Paul - you certainly have a chip on your shoulder abour S.Wright? let it go he won - as for the new government, lets wait and see - they have secured more for the "lower class" in 5 days (lib dem policy i think) than labour did in 13 years - greens came 4th again (ouchy!!)

Paul said...

Anon - correct about chip on shoulder but I'm already 'letting go'.

It's worse that I was a Norwich LibDem cllr and how Simon was manoeuvred into being PPC...... arrrrgh!! That's me going nuclear.