Thursday, May 06, 2010

Making Your Mind Up!

Today is polling day and the day when you get to have your say on the future of this country.

I think Mr Cameron ought to be proud of a positive campaign based on hope and optimism for the future, and giving us the change we need - reforming politics, mending our society and fixing the economy.

It feels as if Labour have had nothing positive to say in this whole campaign - and if you don't believe me, compare the front pages of the pro-Labour Mirror and pro-Tory Sun today.

We can have better - an MP who listens, keeps in touch and has the real-life experience to know what life in Norwich South is all about and not another career politican.

If all the people we have met in this campaign who have said they'll vote Conservative do so then we can win.

But whatever you do, go out there today ... and vote.

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Angiesan said...

Hi Tor, hope you win today, have been thinking of you throughout the campain, and will follow your progress today. love to you Louise and the girls
Auntie Angie (Andrews sister) all the way from Portugal!! xx