Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Future of the Log

It's been nearly a month since I blogged and a few weeks since the election and the coaition government taking office. I have been thinking about what to do with this blog and a number of suggestions have been made:

To keep it going until my Councillors term of office is up as a local campaigning tool

To use it as a way of holding Simon Wright to account as an MP

To scrap it and focus more on Twitter / Facebook

To keep it going in a very political fashion (the way it has been)

To keep it more light hearted

I don't know which of these I will go for and would appreciate any feedback; is this worth it, especially with other social media around? Is anyone out there interested in what I have to say - be it about politics, education or anything else for that matter? I have been looking at other PPC / MP blogs and there doesn't seem much going on out there at the moment - wasn't this meant to be the internet election? As always, thoughts welcome - including from anonymous comments!


Anonymous said...

Make it more light hearted! For a while it became a bitch fest and it didn't make for a very nice read. Also keep your campaign going :) You have time to really build a good rapport with people

James Laughlin said...


Keep the Blog and aim for a good mix of 1, 2, 4, and 5.

It's always interesting to see what you've got to say and I think it would be a shame to pull the plug on years of effort.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of it being an oppo-watch (Wright especially) until you are selected again. The Evening News won't hold him to account so maybe you should.

PP said...

Leave it just as it is. It is a most enjoyable read and is part of my daily routine. have missed it during the last few weeks.

Paul said...

Keep it going as is Antony. It's an interesting read.

UEA student said...

Dear Antony

I would leave your blog as it is but update the format by including your activities as a councillor, plus introduce more audio and video features.

Furthermore as a UEA student I would like to know more about Norwich's local politics and what are the current issues. I think a political guide to Norwich could be an innovative feature.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what you should do with the blog, Ant, but do you know that the Telegraph has called Norwich South for you? :)

"Norwich South is a Conservative seat after Antony Little unseated high profile incumbent and former cabinet memer [sic] Charles Clarke in the 2010 General Election."

The Telegraph winning no awards for accuracy there!

Adam Brown said...

Keep it going, It takes a lot longer to build up a readership base and get your blog onto peoples daily readership so you need something for them to keep coming too.

I used to have a blog that I updated periodically but since losing my council seat in May I have had to start a new blog and have lost most of my readers in the mean time.

You may not blog on it often but it is important just to keep it there, elections will be taken more and more virtually in the coming years and a blog can be the perfect place to both combat the press and leak stories to them.

Duncan Crow said...

Keep it going but keep it varied with the subject matter and the type of post. If it is constantly attacking an MP for example, it could make you look unbalnced.

Update at least once a week/every 10 days as a minimum. Every day isn't needed as quality is better than quantity. Use good pictures (your own and others off the web) and don't overdo it with text.

I feel I have a good combination on my own blog and no one ever knows what (and when) to expect next.

Trevor said...

Keep it going pretty much as it is!

I've only discovered it after recently moving to the area and have enjoyed the last few entries very much